3D LED lighted letters

3D LED lighted letters


The highest quality and design in 3D labelling of firms, shops and establishments.

An amazing combination of light and design will make your brand light up and come to the fore.

Lighted letters have been made for many, many years. The only thing that changes is the way of their production, the material and processing. They were, and still are, the most elegant way of labelling establishments, shops or buildings. We see them in shopping centres, whether at the entrances of establishments or on the actual signs of the shopping centres themselves. We see them on firms, buildings- whether on walls or on the roof.

The design of the individual letters itself can be a designer piece, because the large amount of material available on the market provides variation in the project and later also during the production. They are made from metals (e.g. aluminium, stainless steel, brass, iron), plastic (PVC, plexiglass, polycarbonate, PET-G ), sandwich material (Dibond- aluminium-plastic-aluminium) and a combination of these.


The given number of materials have different results and uses. Below are the most frequent ones.


Basic types:

  1. 3D LED lighted letters from aluminium, cassette

3D LED lighted letters, also called cassette letters, are created most often from aluminium. The aluminium corpus (side and back wall) ensures a long lifespan of the letters and logos, a low weight and stability in all weather.


  1. Plexiglass, XPS or PVC letters

3D cassette letters with back lighting, where the letters are placed from the base and shine backwards. LED lighting creates a glow around the sign.


  1. Various atypical products

Upon request, we can create the product from different types of plastic, composite material etc. We can work with almost every available material in such a way that it results in the desired effect.


More about our products here: https://www.3dsvetelnareklama.sk/produkty/