Who are we

Who are we

Since 2005 we ensure that your brand shines and stands out there, where it’s necessary. We bring the highest quality and design in labelling firms, shops, services and buildings. Our portfolio mainly includes 3D LED lighted letters, lightboxes, unlit letters and logos, interior and exterior navigation systems, large-format prints and we also produce custom-made atypical boards.


We are a professional and creative partner in the sphere of (not only) label advertising for small, medium and large establishments or individuals.


We are convinced that every brand deserves to stand out. Our goal is to connect your brand with people, and to connect people with your brand, which is facilitated by our many years of experience and an unceasing passion for development and innovation.


We approach each order individually and look for the best unison between technical possibilities and creativity. One of our fundamental values lies in a personal approach which forms the basis for building a successful business relationship with you. Flexibility and innovation in solutions are the pillars which we rely on in every placed order.