Stickers and large-format printing

Stickers and large-format printing

Stickers are a traditional element in advertising labelling. It’s a simple, fast and cheap form of labelling which sticks to almost every surface. Stickers are distinguished either by being a result of large-format printing or cut outs, plotter graphics from stickers, monochrome foils.

Permanent or temporary stickers. We print them on large surfaces or cut outs, according to the request and wishes. Graphic design is a matter of course with us.

Printing on a white or clear sticker. Printing on a PVC “car tarpaulin”/ banner with metal loops around the perimeter, in case of need. It is therefore placed not only by sticking, but it is also attached to fences, walls, buildings, advertising boards near roads. Full stickers or ones which have holes. Sandblasted, milky partitions.

Definitely fast and efficient solutions.

Basic division of use:

  1. shop windows- large surfaces for stickers, plotted texts, messages for clients (advertising texts, logos, etc.)
  2. facades- stickers which are most frequently on a substrate board made from bond (Dibond, ACP etc.) or a direct sticker (wallpaper).
  3. cars- small, large or full-stickers for cars. Stickers for cars and trucks.
  4. boards made from PVC, Dibond boards with stickers or direct print.
  5. PVC banners- for regular fences, building fences, on a solid substrate or hung into free space.
  6. stickers for advertising devices, lightboxes, boards, orientation maps, glass, marble and others.
  7. OOH advertising

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