Atypic products – protection from the COVID19

Atypical products:

Currently, due to market needs, we offer clients plexiglass screens, shields, protective walls, and covers such as the safety shield. Protection from viruses, also from the coronavirus COVID19. The plexiglass wall prevents close contact between employees and clients, which enables both parties to be physically separated. At the same time, the clear plexiglass allows for a perfect view through it. In the bottom part there is an opening, according to need.

We have completed hundreds of orders across the entire SR, for municipal authorities, town establishments, VPS’s, state institutions, prosecutor offices, prisons, firms, nail salons, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, shopping centres, information desks, private offices, libraries, insurance offices, pharmacies, clinics etc.

The wall, screen can be made into a size of your choice. The size of the window, type of edges, appearance of parts (feet), manner of fixation- by sticking a double-sided clear tape, self-standing, hanging from the ceiling, etc.


We send products across the entire SR by currier; personal collection is also possible at Elektrárenská 1, Bratislava, or alternatively we deliver products in our car.

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Price is without VAT.

The price includes a clear plexiglass with a cut out/window in the bottom part or without it. The size is according to your wishes. The shape, sharp or round edges, are also adapted according to your wishes. The feet include 2 pieces of the clear plexiglass, approximately 15x15cm or a size according to request.  We appropriate the size and shape of the feet to the size of the plexiglass and the intended use.

* Plexiglass has a white protective foil during production and at delivery. Otherwise, it’s of course clear.

Ochranné plexiskla – využitie, typy, veľkosti. Všetky z uvedených realizujeme obratom do cca 48 hod., ak je požadované množstvo materiálu skladom.

plexisklo clona
* plexiskla majú pri výrobe a dodaní na sebe bielu ochrannú fóliu. Inak sú samozrejme číre.