LED lightboxes

A large surface for labelling will bring you visibility during the day and night. LED lightboxes, that is a connection of an old classic product and modern LED technologies.


Basic types:


1. One-sided lightbox

A regular light cassette- lightbox, made from aluminium or with a plastic side profile, plexiglass with translucent graphics and LED technology of lighting of box. They are usually used for building facades or the roof of a building- on a supporting construction.


2. Double-sided lightbox

A lightbox with graphics from both sides; the box is installed, for instance, vertically on the building and hangs into free space. That is the reason for the abbreviation and slang term- protrusion.


3. Atypical lightbox

This is used more and more frequently by clients who desire a more creative solution. Most often it’s a combination of the traditional lightbox and 3D cassette banner, where the letters stand out or a negatively cut out into the box.Veľká plocha na označenie vám prinesie viditeľnosť vo dne aj v noci. LED svetelné boxy to je spojenie starej klasiky a moderných LED technológií.